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DayWithAPornstar presents: Sadi gets fucked on the balcony

Scene Title: Hits From The Bong, Dicked By The Schlong

Storyline: Sadie's going to show you how she rolls. First we drive to San Diego to check out her crib. You'll meet her cats, see her place and watch her take a massive hit from her six foot bong. Afterwards, Keiran gives her a couple of hits from his dong. In fact, they fuck three times! The bedroom, the bathroom, her friend's penthouse balcony and even a blowjob in the car. Sadie loves cock as much as she loves pot! Hard deepthroating, creampie, hard fucking, Sadie does it all in this scene!

Pornstar: Sadie West

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What people are saying about: Sadie West - Hits From The Bong, Dicked By The Schlong daywithapornstar scene

Comment #1

Sadie, Sadie, Sadie, Sadie! In her former lives she must have been all the porno chicks combined, to be reborn as Sadie, the Enlightened Goddess. My penis is the One, all seeing eye.

Comment #2

I thought this scene was awesome. Sadie is a top notch fuck bunny and she dug it. Who cares if she has A sized tits or Z sized tits. She dug the fucking and was in it.

Comment #3

This scene was rocking! Sadie, that bong you got is dope as shit. I got a 6 ft'er myself and love it to death. Passion in the scene was incredible and Sadie was smoking hot. Keep impressing me Brazzers!

Comment #4

f-ing incredible. sadie if off the charts hot. scene is superb. i've got to seek out more of her. great work, day with a porn star rules.

Comment #5

I like sadie west, she's cute! not super big aspects bout her but they are nice nonetheless! oh, and the doggystyle jettison, classic! laughed until it hurt!

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