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DayWithAPornstar presents: Shawna Lenee chilling with the two biggest cocks at Catalina

Scene Title: Blowjob Island

Storyline: Shawna is taking a boat ride with her friends Scott & Keiran to a so-called "Blowjob Island"... She'll have her hands, mouth & pussy full with the two cocks on the rocky beach of the remote location!!!

Pornstar: Shawna Lenee

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What people are saying about: Shawna Lenee - Blowjob Island daywithapornstar scene

Comment #1

Shawna's like a goddamn Chinese finger trap for cock! Hell yes Brazzers, more hot chicks stuffed full of multiple dicks!

Comment #2

Nice scene, always like to see Shawana. Prefer girl-guy or 2 girls-one guy but this was still very nice to watch. Lots of erotica and everyone seemed to be really having a great time at the beach!

Comment #3

Shawna is the hottest girl on earth! (except for my smokin hot wife... of course!) We will keep our membership as long as she remains featured on here with new updates! Please get her in an anal scene though!

Comment #4

Love seeing Shawna getting filled fill of cock, would love to see her get some DP aucton and even anonther cock to suck on while that was happening would be great. Love you Shawna defently the hottest girl on this site.

Comment #5

Looks great to me! Putting her excitement/energy to good use with 2 fellas. I enjoyed the Kieran gay joke too (relating back to these here comments methinks)! Ha ha.

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