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DayWithAPornstar presents: Shyla Stylez bathing and fucking on her day off

Scene Title: A Nightcap with Shyla

Storyline: A whole evening alone with Shyla Stylez, in the confort of her home. How about a relaxing time with her in the bath while answering questions for all her fans as she plays with herself in front of the camera for you. There is more, a surprise visit from a good friend of hers that will rock her world just enough for a great night of fucking.

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What people are saying about: Shyla Stylez - A Nightcap with Shyla daywithapornstar scene

Comment #1

shyla is sooo hot..more of her please but please get her to work those legs they need alot of tonning lol

Comment #2

Hot scene...well Shyla is hot in every scene. Could you guys plan out scenes better? How do you have a lamp block a view of the star of the video? We don't pay good money to have a lamp in the way of T & A. You guys can do better!

Comment #3

Someone needs to be real nice to Shyla and treat her like a lady too, that was a "10" Video but she looks unhappy behind those beautiful eyes somehow.

Comment #4

shyla and praya rai together nedds to happen as soon as possible

Comment #5

Shyla is great! She doesn't even have to do an anal scene in order for it to be hot which is really good considering that she's among the top 3 anal performers in the biz today. The only thing that annoys me about her was when she got her 2nd set of implants. Her first set looked great & her second set looked (in the beginning particularly when she also had braces) just downright ridiculous. I've gotten used to them over the past couple of years but I do miss her previous rack. Damn, it was nice & just fit her perfectly.

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