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DayWithAPornstar presents: Tanya James is back for another adventure of cock fucking

Scene Title: Double Vag Canal

Storyline: Tanya James is spending a beautiful day out on Lake Mead with a bunch of friends. The day is packed with swimming, barbecuing, and interesting wildlife. To top things off, Tanya gets slammed by a young stud in the hot Las Vegas sun.

Pornstar: Tanya James

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What people are saying about: Tanya James - Double Vag Canal daywithapornstar scene

Comment #1

The scene was perfect. Tanya looks fuckalicious in blue and she knows how to fuck so that excites me too much. The worse problem is the camera, he was a little lazy in this scene (it needs more angles), and then, for me, became short due to the hotness of Tanya.

Comment #2

Very hot video. The only thing missing was Tanya with her front paws & head down, ass & cunt in the air getting dogie fucked on the chase lounge. Dam Tonya is hot!!!

Comment #3

oh my god this is my favorite porn scene, ever. Not only is tanya smokin with the blonde hair, and the bare feet (agreed, take note didnt see it enough zz) but the bracelet and necklace are fucking HOT on her in blue. Brazzers, add more accesories, that dont obstruct the sex like these, makes it 10x more interesting! 10/10

Comment #4

Tanya was hot as ever. I like her tits and have a hard time with the scrutiny that some folks give to them...so what if they are sagging a little, they still are awesome. She has a beautiful face and body and humps like a crazy SOB, so for me I'm happy to see Tanya many more times.

Comment #5

this scene was tooooo short tanya james is so hot in this

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